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About us

Bearded Bad Boys (BBB) is a global beard club with chapters all over the world.
The founder of Bearded Bad Boys is Geoff. S., Global President World Wide. He has the BBB
founded in 2014, for men who are proud of their beards and where the beard is not a trend,
just a lifestyle. Supported by its friends and followers, it quickly became a worldwide
phenomenon. The fame and growth soon led to the establishment of BBB chapters in
several cities in North America and Europe, each headed by a Chapter President and
Vice President, and now also with several staff members.
Bearded Bad Boys started as a page where members expressed their love for the bearded lifestyle
can share. Now it has also become a platform of support - a close-knit family
who support each other through our individual journeys. We also encourage our members to
to do well. We promote social causes and regularly collaborate with charities.


Geoff S. can be found on Instagram under the name: shushangh.

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The story

The Dutch Chapter was founded on July 12, 2017. The President and the Two
Vice Presidents (directors) have revived it from 2018 and
partly because of this they have grown to approximately 250 members.
With the support of a Staff, Scout Crew, Charity Crew, Merchandise
Crew, Editor Crew, Advisor Crew , Event Crew , Social Media Crew and Sergeant Crew,

we know how to keep the club healthy and fun for existing and new members.

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